Purchasing a piece of Goulburn's entertainment history....

Lilac City Cinema had begun its life as a live theatre in the mid-fifties and the building was owned by Goulburn Mulwaree Council.

In the early 90’s Council was approached by a local man wanting to operate a cinema in the main auditorium of the building. Permission was granted and equipment was brought in, including a portable screen that could be removed for live shows. It soon became apparent, that closing the cinema intermittently for live performances was not at all cost effective for the new cinema operator and Council agreed to build a separate auditorium onto the building to be run solely as a cinema. This new arrangement proved effective, until in 2000, ill health forced the cinema operator to sell.
Ron Moore saw great potential in the building as a whole and after purchasing the rights to the cinema, he bought the building as well. Then began 2 years of extensive renovations, culminating in a beautiful 4 screen movie theatre.
Locals could now come and watch all of the latest releases in style!

The opportunity now presents itself to a new investor/owner who is looking to either carry on the legacy of The Lilac City Cinemas or to reinvent the space into something else.